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Related post: Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 18:25:26 -0700 (PDT) From: Joey Young Subject: Rare Beauty, Chapter 1, High SchoolUsual Disclaimers Apply.Author's Note: For all the Untitled Love Story readers, i thank you for giving this chapter a chance. I'm truly glad to have you all as loyal readers. And to any newcomers or people who just happened upon this story i say thank you and encourage you to read my other stories. (Refer to the title listed above). But most of all I'd like to thank my dear editor and friend Lisa Blackburn, for whom this story wouldn't be possible. Thank you, Lis.-Joey Young Rare Beauty "You are a rare beauty, my dear," my mother said to me as she closed the door from the party.I had heard this since the day I had been able to understand what that meant. I was a coveted soul with much to learn about the real world. I was only revealed to the public whenever the occasion was right.Like my parents New Years Eve party, which they held annually for their friends. But to me it was like my auctioning party. Eligible young suitors were courted every year to present my family with gifts and fine luxuries long since forgotten. My parents used my divine beauty as a way to keep their fortunes supplied, but they never named any suitors for my hand in matrimony, to say the least.Until now."But I was just having fun," I whined as all the boys groaned at my immediate departure."Yes, yes, that's all well and fine, but you have a duty to this family," she whispered harshly as the last of the doors closed off the sound of the party. "Your eighteenth birthday is next week and we have many suitors to interview and process."I groaned as I unbuttoned my fine tuxedo. My slim hands unclasped the buttons and pulled at my constricting tie. I shook my fair golden hair from my eyes and looked anna tiny model at my mom, who was busy nudging me into my room or should I say my dungeon."Now be a good dear and stay here for awhile," she said as she handed me my laptop. "Go online, watch a movie or something. . . I'll have Bonnie come in and keep you company."I sighed as she pushed me to the vanity mirror to undress. The laptop hung loosely from my hands. I flung my jacket at her, which she caught with a quick flick of her wrist."Have her bring food," I replied, as my stomach growled for the food of the festivities."Of course," my mom said as she fretted over my crumpled jacket."Oh, mom," I said just before she left my side. "You will come back to countdown the new year won't you?"She stopped then and turned back slowly, "Of course dear, of course. Wouldn't miss it for the world."I knew then that she was lying. Whenever she repeated herself she was usually lying. I smiled dismally at her."Thanks, mom," I whispered as I turned back to the vanity mirror.There was no response. Slowly with a sigh I began to take off my clothes from the party. I stared at myself while I did. For whatever reason, I never felt like I was special, not in the least. My body was perfectly normal, apart from the creamy skin and soft features. I was handsome but in a subtle way, the way an angel would look if it were human. The only thing that set me apart were the large golden eyes that toplist child supermodels stared back at me whenever I looked into a mirror.I looked at them now and frowned. The eyes were something of a mystery. I was born this way, but teenymodel dasha with no explanation. My mother liked to believe she had a fling with an angel and conceived me. But I begged to differ. The person in the mirror was frowning too, but they hardly looked upset. Not like me. Instead they looked vainly troubled. The person in the mirror wasn't me. It was a mirage. A rare creature that I hated to look at.Their lips were nake model full and pink, frowning in slight irritation. The golden eyes were very identifiable. The nose was sharp and angular, with a fine dusting of boyish freckles, even though I hardly ever got to be in the sun. Softly I felt my cheeks and marveled at the soft complexion, which made my face endearing and handsome. My soft top model fucking golden hair hung lightly against my smooth forehead, where it curved upward to be lost in the thicket on my scalp.Eventually I stood up and fully undressed myself, staring at the smooth curves of my legs and arms. The hair on my body was soft and transparent making me look like I was smooth as a baby's bottom. I faced myself in the mirror and saw that I had no ounce of fat on my body, despite eating junk food on a regular basis. My stomach was taut with a barely formed set of abs, which disappeared to my naval. A v- shaped line dragged the eye to my groin which was fairly sized and hung limply above lily model rip a pair of perfectly proportioned set of balls.Suddenly I heard my bedroom door unlock and open. Quickly I ran behind my room divider and slipped on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. With my hair rumpled beneath the quick jerky movements, I emerged from behind the silk screen. I sighed in relief. It was only Bonnie, my hired maid and only friend. She smiled easily at me as she set my tray of food near my bed."Your mom said you were hungry," she greeted as she began to arrange my dinner. "I have roast duck, with sweet peas, and rolls. Your mom thought you would like champagne since its new years."At once she pulled from her apron a green bottle of bubbly liquid. I smiled as she poured me a flute of the delicious drink."Ugh, I was having the best time, before she made me come back," I complained as I moved to my bed and plopped down. "The boys were a vivacious bunch this time. They liked to tease and touch."I laughed as I remembered a boy trying to take me to a private room to "talk". Bonnie joined in and sat on the bed with me. She liked hearing my stories of the boys that courted me, especially when they let their dicks make their decisions."Really?" she asked as I passed her my cup of champagne.She drank freely."Oh, yes. This crowd broke the record for most proposals," I teased as I refilled the champagne flute. "10 proposals in one night. Can you believe it? . . . . But they probably don't even know my name."She snickered as we finished off another glass of champagne."Awwh, Rory I'm sure they knew," she said with a giggle as the champagne started to take effect.She hiccupped loudly, which made us both laugh in huge fits that had us clutching our sides."No. . . No. . . .They didn't," I said as I tried to speak. "They kept saying baby or honey, when they didn't know what to call me.""Oh, that's not right," she whispered as she tried to catch her breath."I know," I replied as I clutched my side. "I know."Eventually the laughs subsided and we calmed down. I fell back into the bed and stared up at the planes hanging from my bedroom ceiling. In fact I began to look about my room, realizing that in a short week I'd be leaving this place and living in a new one. An array of objects and instruments were placed around the far walls. A baby grand piano sat near the door where it stayed open for whenever I felt like playing.A huge table stood off to the far wall between my bed and the piano. A set of half assembled airplanes and crafts sat atop the flat surface, where they were left a week ago."I'm gonna miss this place," I whispered as I stared around the room.I looked to Bonnie just as she was looking around the room. She eyed everything carefully and sighed too. Her short hair curved around her shoulders as she lay on the mattress next to me. Her slightly upturned nose moved about as she stared at my room. Her brown eyes were alight from the drink and realizing that I too would be gone. Slowly she turned back to me and smiled. Her slender body turning to face me."Me too," she whispered. "But isn't your leaving a good thing?""Yeah," I breathed as I turned my body to face her. "Right now it's all fun and games. But soon, very soon, I'll be leaving this place behind to live with a man who I don't even know.""You'll get to know him," she insisted as I stared into her flat brown eyes."Yeah, but I don't want to be imprisoned in another house," I whispered back. "I want freedom. I want to drink beer in a bar, not in a kitchen. I want to run through the grass in a park, not just a small lawn.Most of all I want the choice to fall in love, rather than have it chosen for me."I leaned on my elbow and stared at her in earnest."Don't you understand, I want free will. I want a life. A life outside the four walls of this room."She stared back in unease."No, Mrs. Ashford wouldn't like that," she said a little worriedly.I could tell she was hesitant about my sanity."But what if for one night I got my freedom," I continued. "If I did, that would be all that I wanted. And I would never speak of it again.""Wait," she whispered fearfully. "What are you getting at?"Quickly I sat up."What I'm getting at is, you're my ticket out of here," I said pointing to the key around her neck. "You have the key to release me, just for one night. Right?""Yes, but what if your mother finds out?" she asked as her little hands trembled."Then she finds out, you're coming with me aren't you?" I asked as she began to shake her head."I'm sorry Mr. Ashford, but I would surely be fired if I did."I teen models julia sighed in frustration."Don't call me that. And you wouldn't. My mother values your help more than she lets on."Softly she continued to shake her head."It would be unethical for me to go, especially on a night like this."I groaned as her unwavering loyalty to my family won over her conscious."Alright," I said haughtily. "I suppose you are right. I have perhaps been a little rash, but one day I will have my freedom.""I know you will," she whispered as she began to prepare my bed. ~*~The knob turned; the door opened. In the dimness all I could see were shadows as someone stepped through my bedroom door. I lurched from my bed and sat up looking into the dark."Bonnie?" I called in the cramped darkness.The shadowy figure moved, as quick as a whip and clapped a rough calloused hand over my mouth.Quickly I reached for my bedside lamp and swung it heavily at the strangers head. The lamp slammed into the figure's outstretched arm before flying from my grasp to crash to the floor. The figure yelled.The yell was undeniably a masculine one. So was the flood of cussing that followed.I backed away from the mattress and fell onto the floor, with an audible bang. My elbow screamed in pain, but I didn't even register the pain until I was well on my feet. Bright girls bikinis model light immediately flooded the floor where I sat, making me spin and blink away from the sudden intrusion. Hesitantly I turned back and stared.There was a boy standing in front of me. In his hand he held a small black flashlight that still blinded me with its ray. He seemed to realize I was staring at him and he lowered his hand from his knife and stopped cussing."You cut me," he said, pleasantly with an amused smile. "It might be fatal."I looked at him wide eyed, "Who are you?""Well I guess my imminent death isn't your main concern," he said as he flicked the leaking blood from his wrist in irritation.Instantly I regained my confidence and spun in place, reaching for a shard of broken lamp. I grabbed a small jagged piece and pointed it at him."I said who are you?" I repeated angrily, still trying to keep my resolve."How very direct," he commented easily as he moved around my bed. "I am actually here for you."Quickly my fragile confidence crumbled."Wha--why?" I asked as my hand began to shake.He just raised his hands in a look of surrender, like how a cop approaches an armed robber."Whoa, easy there," he whispered as his eyes flew to my quivering hand. "Relax. I'm not here to hurt you. I just want to talk. . . . Okay?"Slowly I shook my head, which was still reeling with this new information."Stay where you are," I commanded as he inched nearer. "Jus--Just let me--Let me wrap my head around this. . . . .What do you mean you're here for me?"His face betrayed no emotion, instead it was steady and calm as he continued to inch closer."Listen lets not get into the hairy details," he said as his hands came closer to my shard of broken pottery. "All you need to know is that I'm here for you and you will be leaving with me.""Wha-" I said, before he swiftly reached for a colored ball across his chest.With a loud crack like shattering glass a huge plume of grey smoke engulfed me. The billowy substance smelt acrid and filled my nose rapidly. I coughed and dropped my only weapon, only to suddenly lose control of my legs. I crumbled to the floor, but not before I felt his thin muscular arms wrap around my waist and hold me against him. I stared at his blue- grey eyes, with a look of betrayal."Sorry, bout lying to you Blondie," was the last thing I heard before the white smoke clouded my vision. ~*~My brain rattled in my head and I felt a lilli teen model sharp stab of pain lance across my temple. I groaned as my body swayed in the dark. I felt two strong girders supporting my body, which moved in slow rhythmic movements across an empty parking lot. I groggily opened my eyes and coughed dryly. I was thirsty and only the thought of starvation was prominent in my mind. My head swiveled on my neck as it dangled latin teen models from someone's arms. I moved my hands, only to find them tightly bound in my lap."My head," I moaned as I tried to reach the throb in my temple.In the dark I heard a low chuckle, which startled me."Yeah, sorry bout that Blondie," the weirdly familiar voice said as we neared a row of closely packed buildings. "I guess I should've watched your head when I took you out of the car."Again I moaned and clutched at his shirt, only to feel the balls lining his chest. Immediately I cringed away from the deadly weapons. He chuckled again, but lightly."Don't worry, imageboard young model only three can kill you."For a moment the hazy film in my eyes cleared and I saw his face clearly for the first time. He couldn't have been much older than I was--eighteen or possibly nineteen. He was dressed in what looked like dark scrubs--a black tight fitting shirt, trousers, and tough looking boots. He wore no jacket, and thick fabric straps crisscrossed his waist and chest. Attached to the straps were little baubles that looked like different colored balls. A knife hung against his waist, where it hung cautiously. I noticed then that his hands were slim and long-fingered and one hand was bleeding where I had gashed it with the lamp.But that wasn't the only thing that caught my attention. What caught my attention was his face. He had the most beautiful face that I had ever seen. Tangled black hair and eyes like glass. Elegant cheekbones, a full mouth, and long, thick lashes. Even the curve of his throat was perfect. He looked like every fictional character I had ever read about in my books. A street lamp near the building we approached outlined his chiseled jaw and the slight stubble he had their. His face was boyishly handsome, and his grey eyes were quick with wit and intelligence. He seemed to be glancing at me and studying my features also, his eyes showing appreciation for my beautiful appearance. I was used to this treatment, but with him it was more personal.Abruptly he looked away and kicked the building. A loud crack echoed into the night and I heard the door swing open and bang against the wall. I watched as his muscles tensed before he entered the dark building. His Adams apple was clearly defined in the bright light, but soon it quickly vanished along with everything as we crossed the threshold.He evidently knew his way around or at least had good instincts, because in a matter of moments he found a small room in the depths of the abandoned building.It smelt like asphalt and wet mildew, which I quickly got used too. He clicked his flashlight on, while still cradling me in his arms. He seemed unfazed by the placement of his hand on my ass, where he held me with one arm. He showered the light upon everything in that small room, before grunting in approval.The room was regular in size and looked like it had been inhabited before. In the far corner there was a tub without a curtain and a toilet bowl next to it. I could see no sink whatsoever, but I did see a small twin sized cutie models nn bed next to use, with a surprisingly clean mattress on it.Gently he laid me on the mattress and went to check the toilet and shower. I watched as he elegantly moved model pose virgin across the room and twisted the tub on with a flick of his wrist. It worked perfectly and the tub looked clean enough to use. He tapped the toilet bowl handle and waited for it to flush, before he smiled in appreciation. His smile and the available amenities, however, didn't change the fact that I was still bound and trapped in this room until he allowed me to leave."We'll stay here for front page models tonight, but tomorrow we leave," he said as he tested the water in the tub. "We don't need to leave a trail the authorities can follow. . . . So take a quick bath and then go to sleep. We leave at dawn."Immediately he stood up and walked to the bed I laid at. With a quick flurry of his hands he untied me and sat me up. Tenderly I cradled my red-lined wrists and rubbed feeling back into my fingers. Sharply he jerked his head to the bathtub and urged me to stand."Make it quick will you," he growled as I walked uneasily to the tub, shedding clothes as I went.I slipped easily out of my sweatpants and stood with my back towards him. Shyly I turned my head around and lightly raised my left shoulder, hinting at my soft skin."Do you have any soap?" I asked sweetly, which caught him off guard."Umm," he mumbled after he roughly cleared his throat. "In the toilet bowl by the bag . . . . Should be. . .. . Err, I mean in the bag by the toilet bowl."I nodded softly and quietly sunk into the warm water. I stared at him expectantly as he eyed me half lidded. Quickly he met my gaze and blushed deeply."Oh, uhh, I'll give you your privacy, then."With that he left the small room and flashed his light outside the room into the darkness. I waited until his light was fully distant before I quickly turned in the tub and reached for his bag. Inside were a few toiletries, two towels, and a cologne bottle which I assumed was his. I flipped off the cap and smelt it.Yupp this was his.The bottle was made of glass and was long and rectangular. Half of it was empty, but if smashed correctly could provide a very useful weapon. Silently I put the bottle into the water and smashed against the tubs bottom. A dull thwump sounded in the water, but it was hardly audible. But, the bottle remained intact. Again I slammed the bottle against the porcelain, while still watching his light swing around in the same spot.It was strange though. The light continued to swing in the same exact circle without interruption or pause. Nevertheless I shook it off as an act of perfectionism. I continued to slam the bottle against the tub, before finally with a near silent thud, the bottle shattered in the water, cutting my inner thigh with its sharp glass. I gasped in pain as the tubs water filled with the colognes yellow liquid and the blood from my leg.Triumphantly I raised the jagged shard of broke bottle from the depths of the water and stood. I kicked the glass away from my feet as I stepped out of the tub. A dark stream of red watery blood seeped down my leg, making me hiss as I applied pressure to that leg. The cut was deep, but not deep enough to fatally wound me.Soundlessly I moved to the toilet bowl and reached for my sweat pants, which were slightly torn from being manhandled. I ripped the remaining pants into shreds to use as gauze for my wound. The sweat pants were no longer pants, but rather short shorts that barely contained my legs. I cussed in frustration.The blood however wouldn't wait for me to sympathize for my clothes, so I put my feelings in the back of my mind. I looked up in alarm, but saw the light still swinging in the same motion in the same spot. It still childmodel nonnude spooked me that the light was still doing that. So swiftly I wrapped my leg up with the shredded fabric and used the rest as a teenmodel nicky pics tourniquet to staunch the blood.Once I had taken care of my wound I pulled on what little pants I had left, which wasn't much. Part of my ass hung out from the bottom of the shorts, but I could manage. Then I reached for my shirt, but stopped once I saw the dark rough boots near the light fabric. Rapidly I looked up and flung my weapon at him as he towered over me.With a little too much ease, he countered my attack and twisted my wrist in a sharp jerky move, which made me scream in pain. But I didn't let go of my weapon. This only made him twist my wrist harder. I screamed as the pain shot up my arm and made my body crumple into nonude latina model his."Let go," he growled as he moved my wrist a centimeter, making me whimper in pain. "Or I'll break it."With a clatter of broken glass I let go of the bottle and felt my wrist release from his grip. Within the same movement he grabbed my waist and held me up against his hard chest as I cradled my wounded wrist. His calloused hands felt unfamiliar against my soft skin, which immediately made me break away in disgust. He let go willingly and flung me to the floor."Don't you ever try to do that juliet model teen again," he hissed at me with such venom, it made tears spring in my eyes."Or I will kill you."I had never been treated this way before. Usually men celebrated my beauty and coveted it as their own, but he was just a boy who wanted to see me suffer. I hugged my legs to my chest and curled up into a fetal position as he tossed my shirt to me. I whimpered as I grabbed it with my good hand.He watched me put on my shirt, without offering assistance, before he picked me up from the floor and threw me over his shoulder. I screamed again as the cut on my thigh fell beneath his grip. He ignored my pain and carried me back to the bed, throwing me onto the mattress."Please," I whimpered as he sat next to me on the bed. "Don't hurt me. I'm sorry. I'm just scared."He grunted in affirmation before he roughly grabbed my ankle and yanked my wounded leg into his lap.I hissed in pain, which he registered with a cold stare. His handsome face was set in dissatisfaction as he unwound the torn fabric. His fingers brushed the smooth skin between my thighs, sometimes even barely touching the bottom of my ass."You're more of a handful than your worth," he commented as he looked at my deep cut.He hissed as the last of the fabric stuck to my blood soaked skin."It's already getting infected with the dirty tattered pants you used to tie it with," he said with a shake of his head. "Here let me use this."He moved his hand to one of the balls on his chest, which immediately made me squirm in alarm."No! Please!" I yelled as he unhooked it from the straps. "I didn't mean too!!"I kicked my leg from his grasp and clawed at the mattress trying to get away. Tenderly he grabbed me by the waist and shushed me. His rough fingers wound around my lean waist and pulled me back gently."Shh, shh, shh," he whispered softly. "Its okay, I won't hurt you. . . . . See."And with that he cracked the ball open like an egg and released a green gooey substance onto my cut.Slowly he rubbed the goo into my thigh and around the cut. Instantly the pain dulled and the cut sandra diaper model stopped bleeding. I watched as the sinews of my muscles formed back slightly. His hands would occasionally graze my ass, but I wasn't paying attention. Instead I was watching my cut loose its gross appearance and feel the pain disappear."Now, the cut isn't fully healed, but it will," he said as he rubbed the last of the goo into my thighs.I spread my legs a bit, enjoying the cool sensation it brought to my skin. He tried to keep his gaze away from my exposed ass but I saw his eyes trail over my bare skin."I'll wrap it in clean clothe, so it will heal cleanly," he said trying to maintain civility.I nodded in approval as he left my side to walk to the tub. He picked up the bag of toiletries I saw early and he brought it back to me. Once back at my side he pulled the clean white towel from the bag and cut it expertly with his long sharp knife. I watched as his muscles move elegantly within the confines of his form fitting shirt.His long thin fingers moved smoothly as they wrapped the towel around my soft thigh. He was more tender and concentrated as he tried to not cause me more harm. His lips were slightly open in concentration and his brow crunched cutely. That's when I noticed the dog tag hanging just inside the folds of his tight shirt.But before I could ask him what it was for he spoke."How's your wrist?" he asked calmly as he reached for the hand I cradled against my chest."It hurts," I replied as I let him grab it.He was more cautious as he weighed it in his teenagemodelingjobs hand. His long calloused fingers were gentle and compassionate as he tested its movements. I hissed as he pulled it too far."Tender, huh?" he commented, before he let go.He grabbed the towel again and cut another longer piece. Immediately he began to wind the white fabric around my wrist, tightly binding it in a brace. I hissed occasionally, but felt better once he finished with the makeshift cast."Better," he asked with a pleased smile, which met his eyes.However I stared at him evenly. I wasn't going to forgive him that easily. He frowned in understanding."Look, I don't take to imminent death threats easily," he answered. "I'm just usually an aggressive person. It's nothing personal."He grinned at me again, but I kept my face smooth and emotionless."What's the dog tag for?" I asked as I reached for the chain.He allowed me to pull the chain from his neck. My finger lightly brushed his curved throat, making him shiver at the casual touch. I didn't notice before, but our bodies were closely leaned together. I sat up with one leg over his lap, while the other was wrapped behind his back. Both of his hands rested against my thigh, where they stayed unintentionally or intentionally.I weighed the small metal pieces in my hand and read the name: Irons.He watched me as I ran my fingers over the name and numbers. Our heads were so close I could feel his warm breathe wash over me. He smelt like peppermint and masculine sweat, which was a delightful combination. Softly I released the metal pieces which clinked together musically. He grinned amusedly as I whispered his name."Irons.""Yes, William Irons. ID 76937633 from infantry 3 of the High Majesty Maximus Colt III."I gaped at him in surprise as he recited his rank with uniformity and respect."The High Majesty Maximus?" I asked as I grabbed his dog tags again.And clearly imprinted beneath his name was soldier of The High Majesty Colt. I looked up at him then and saw a cloud had passed over his features. I scooted a little closer and touched his shoulder, making him shiver."Who is he?" I asked as he looked down."He is my Magister," he answered with a clipped tone, like he memorized this explanation. "I am but his humble soldier and I will serve him to my very end. For he is the general of my affairs and the king of my soul. Forever shall his name be know. Hail Maximus Colt III."I stared at him in fascination. He was either very loyal to his Majesty or a sarcastic bastard. Silently he raised his head and met my gaze."I am a soldier of The Legion. An army of soldiers that serves the High Majesty and obtains whatever he desires. Be it empires, cities, kingdoms, governments, industry, physical goods, or . . . . People."Slowly I shook my head and pulled my leg from his lap. He stared at me sadly as I scrambled from his side. No, this can't be true. I didn't want this kind of freedom, only to be imprisoned in someone else's house."No," I whispered as I scooted to the corner of the bed. "You're lying. . . . This is a joke. . . . Please tell me this is a joke. . . . Cuz it will be funny. . . And . . . . I won't tell anyone when you take me home."Softly he began to shake his head, which made me start to cry."Please, Irons," I pleaded as I lingirie models drew my legs to my chest. "Please tell me you lying and I can go home. . . .Please. . . . I wanna. . . . I wanna go home."Hot tears streamed down italian models bondage my face as he continued to shake his head."I'm afraid that is impossible," he replied somberly. "The High Majesty has kidnapped you and will forever hold you in the manor. . . . You are a rare beauty that he has had his eye on since you came of age."This only made my cry harder."He had me commissioned to obtain you, since I am the best. And he intends on taking your innocence upon your arrival. . . . You are his newest treasure and shall tv teen model remain as such until your end."This sounded similar to his speech, which only angered me. My tears quickly turned to sniffles and altogether stopped. He noticed and leaned forward to touch my arm gently."I'm sorry, Rory," he whispered, which caught me off guard.This was the first time he called me by my name. I didn't even know he knew it. I hiccuped then and wiped my eye."You. . . . You said my name," I whispered as his eyes melted tenderly. "You know my name?"He chuckled lightly."I was assigned to kidnap you and bring you to my King and the only thing you can say is, 'You know my name?'"He grinned crookedly which made me smile in return. Softly he pulled me to his chest and held me as I broke apart. I cried for my family, whom I would never see again. I cried for my only friend Bonnie, who would surely forget about me along with everyone else. And I cried for my lost freedom. I was sure I would never experience it ever in my life. I was just a shiny bauble that everyone wanted, but really didn't need.He was surprisingly warm and kind as he held me. His left arm was wrapped behind my back, while his right was secured tightly to my waist. I could feel the contours of his lean muscles beneath his thin clothing, but I didn't comment as he soothed me with his calming words. He spoke of the rolling hills he would show me, the lake which sparkled like blue crystal, the bustling city, which sold all sorts of colorful treats, and the home I would soon be occupying.Eventually my tears stopped and I looked up from his warm inviting chest. His shirt was soaked with my tears, but he didn't even notice it. Instead he was staring myusenet nn model at me softly, his eyes warm and tender beneath his long lashes. lingerie photos modells Suddenly I yawned."You should sleep," he said as he picked me up in his strong capable arms. "Or did you want to eat?"I shook my head, "I'm not hungry."He nodded in understanding and kneeled on the soft mattress. Gently he set me on the cool fabric and slowly began to let go, but I grabbed his arms. I tugged at his muscular forearm and sleepily complained of the cold. With a slight chuckle he eased down next to me and cradled me to his chest. Within the same movement he slid his right arm underneath my head and wrapped his arm around my head. I yawned again, which caught his attention."Go to sleep, Rory. We have a long journey tomorrow."I nodded and felt one of his colorful balls brush my nose, which awoke me briefly."Irons?" I asked, half conscious."Hmm?""What are these balls free child model strapped to your chest?"Again he chuckled. Gently he hooked his finger beneath my chin and made me look at him."Their called Orbs," he replied. "And the colors represent what's inside them. The greyish white one is a sleeping draft, which you experienced."I smiled sheepishly, which made him shake with silent laughter."The green one is a healing toxin used for cuts and wounds, the red one is a fire starter used for diversion or destroying of evidence, the light blue one is to extinguish fires or other forms of heat. Now don't mix that up with the navy blue one which is a memory gas, which temporarily makes you forget the past twenty four hours. The purple one is a deadly poison that attacks your nervous system, while the orange and yellow ones are just gases that slowly kill you. Both are deadly but can have different effects on people."I nodded absently as the information seeped into my conscious."Now the black one is very useful. It creates a dark cloud of concealment that lets you escape from any attacker. I go through them like crazy."I smiled dismally as drowsiness over took me."The last one is the pink one, it is my favorite, regardless of its innocent color. Much like you, Rory."He chuckled then, but I was just about to slip under."The pink one gives you a mental jolt, which temporarily gives you full access to your brain."I woke up a little and frowned in confusion. He smiled when he saw my attention."It gives you a mental ability for a short time," he explained with enthusiasm. "But the downside asian tiny models is that you never know what it is. . . . It might be defensive like mind reading or offensive like telekinesis, but you never know."I sighed in fascination as sleep overtook me. But I promised myself to stay away from the pink one. It may seem amusing and cool, but it scared me. People should not have that power yet, especially when it could easily be obtained. Pink is dangerous. Only use if under fatal attack. ~*~Rolling hills flew by as Irons sped down the road in his black Porsche. It seemed a little conspicuous driving down the countryside in a foreign car, but Irons assured me of its seclusion. My hands were bound again and rested between my bare legs.Irons had offered olga model hairy his shirt to wear around my waist, but I declined. I didn't need another reason to be physically attracted to him. I watched him now as he concentrated on the road. One arm rested lazily on the steering wheel while the other laid on his muscular thigh. His short black hair was waved back in dark tendrils and revealed his handsome face and blue-grey eyes.His broad shoulders were held back with a seatbelt, much like the one I was confined with, despite my objections. The radio was barely playing in the background and I felt comfortable, even if we were driving to my new prison. We had become well acquainted over the last night and he seemed at ease talking to me."Where did you want to eat?" he asked as he flashed me a broad grin, while keeping the car on the road. "My treat."Quickly I looked away before I hyperventilated."Ummm," I said as I stared skyward, trying to come up with a good meal. "A place that serves a double bacon cheeseburger, with seasoned fries and extra bacon."He grinned widely and chuckled deeply."Nice," he commented as his eyes sparkled. "It just so happens I know the perfect place."I smiled in return, which made his grey eyes melt into soft silver. The diner was called Red's Diner and looked quaint with its old classic look. A handsome boy waited on us. He had soft brown hair and beautiful brown eyes, but he looked extremely troubled beneath his warm smile."Hi, my name is Tristan, and I'll be your server today. What can I get you?"Irons smiled at him and ordered the classic burger. The boy turned then and waited expectantly."I'll have the double cheeseburger, kid virtual model with extra bacon and seasoned fries," I said much to his surprise."Okay, then," the boy replied and closed his notepad. "I'll be back with your ice teas."Irons smiled and nodded, before handing the boy our menus. I watched as he gave the boy only a momentary glance, but kept his grey-blue eyes on me. He smirked handsomely as he folded his hands together."So? What do you think?" he asked lightly. "You like it?""It's nice. Quaint. Very quaint."He smiled triumphantly."I knew you'd like it."I rolled my eyes, but smiled back."So is Irons your real name or just like a moniker?" I asked as I pointed to his dog tags.He pulled them out and eyed them calmly."My real name is William," he replied softly. "William Irons, but the academy thought Irons sounded more elite. More tougher. . . . And it was."I watched as his young toppless models face clouded with hidden secrets."Academy?" I asked in puzzlement.Quickly he smiled."Yes, academy. How else was I supposed to become an elite soldier.""So you're not a regular muscle head soldier?" I teased, which made his eyes sparkled like silver coins."No, I'm one of the High Majesty's elite soldiers. We were trained in the deadliest arts of defense and learned to survive at a young age.""Wait," I whispered and leaned toward him. "Young age? So you've been there since you were small?"He nodded calmly, "Yes, we are trained at a very young age. . . . We are taken from our families as a sign of respect and are trained until the age of sixteen, when we began to take on missions and protect the High Majesty."I stared at him in wonder. How could he be so casual about his unorthodox upbringing?"What about your family?" I asked still whispering. "Don't you miss them?""I have no family," he replied coolly. "We are trained to cut all personal ties from our families and to remain celibate till our very end. We all have no families. We are soldiers."I blinked in shock. No families?"What if you refuse to serve the High Majesty?""You don't. It's an honor to be considered for the role of a soldier and to turn it down would be disrespectful to the country and its beliefs. . . . My family knew what they were getting into."I shook my head in disbelief. How could he be like this, even when he treated me with so much compassion and tenderness?"You are puzzled by my ways, I understand. But you must see from our point of view. We choose this path ourselves. Angels could guide our destiny our whole lives, but it's our decisions that keep us on the right path. It's the small siblings you left behind that fuel your desire to fight. It's the man you protect that keeps you fed and supplied. It's the boy you grow fond of that keeps you loyal to your master.These things are only the milestones of our destiny and I believe every step is decision made by our actions. So please don't judge me for my choices, because you have made the same."I stared at him astonishment. Did he just accuse me of being as callous as he was? But before I could start an argument, the waiter returned with our food. He placed our plates in front of us and refilled our half-empty glasses. Once he was gone, I had regained my composure and understood Irons point of view.I had left my family. I could very well scream to everyone in the diner that I'm being kidnapped, but here I am nibbling on a fry. I had a chance to reveal my capture, but I didn't. And now I forgot all about my love for my family and have already accepted my new fate. He was right. I had taken my first few steps into my new destiny and now am realizing the benefits and disappointments of that destiny."Did I offend you?" he asked, still staring at me.I didn't know. I was frozen in place until he reached across the table and grabbed my hand. His long thin fingers were warm around mine."No," I lied as I grabbed his hand and squeezed back. "Quite the contrary actually. . . . I was just considering your ideals.""And?" he pressed as we both stared at each other."And I agree. . . . I know what I have chosen and I stick by it, even if it turns out bad. I chose to keep on this path and I plan to see it through. Hopefully with you."Abruptly he pulled his hand from mine."What?" I asked as he started to eat."Nothing," he answered with a smile that didn't quite reach the tension in his eyes.However, I brushed it off and took a bite of my burger. My thoughts were racing with the new asian girl model found inspiration and courage."Tell me more about this High Majesty," I said as we continued to eat.And he did. He told me about his reign as the King of his small hidden country. He told me about the many improvements the Magister made to his country. He also told me about the constant war between the Colts and the De Luna's. The De Luna's were a neighboring country that was slightly larger than his. They feared the growing power of the High Majesty and thwarted every attempt at his personal or military pleasures. He also told me of the rebels who agreed with the De Luna's. They believed the High Majesty had run his course in office and wished to see him surmounted. I listened in fascinated interest, until he came to my side of the story.I was the Key to the country's success. The High Majesty had lost his passion for anything. War, battle, politics, economics, even sex. Everyone in the kingdom knew he preferred men to model teen colombian women, but many had tried to appease his passion, ultimately failing in the end. But word had gotten to the king of a beautiful boy being offered to appropriate suitors once he had turned the legal age of eighteen.However the High Majesty didn't believe in buying his possessions. They were usually offered to him, so when he couldn't obtain me through offering, he moved to the next best thing. Kidnap.That's when the High Majesty had his best soldier commissioned to kidnap me and return me to the country, where the High ass models naked Majesty would take my innocence and regain the confidence of his nobility and of his people. So now we were on the way to the kingdom, where I would be de-flowered on the night of my arrival and forever remain as the High Majesty's possession. We were only a day's ride away from the country and soon I would be in the arms of man I hardly knew.I so badly wished I had take up the offer of one of my many suitors sooner. But immediately disregarded the feeling and waited for Irons to pay for the bill. I stood absently at the entrance and looked around the small diner. An older woman was handing our waiter a few pies as he conversed with her. She looked motherly and caring as she stared after the boy. I watched as the boy moved from tables the same smile on his face. Two other waiters tried to keep up with him, but they had their own hands full and continually asked for his help. The girl was a bratty whiner I heard throughout our meal, while the other boy was level headed. A little too level headed. He always had a sarcastic remark and annoyingly calm demeanor.Irons suddenly appeared at my side and grabbed my arm, startling me."Ready?" he asked softly.I nodded tensely and let him lead me from the diner. However, we were barely to our car before I felt a sharp sting on the back of my neck, which made me turn in the direction it came in. Irons looked too and cussed loudly as he bent my neck over in horror. He cussed again as my legs gave out under me and I felt another sharp sting in my forearm. I noticed then that he reached for the red orb and was about to throw it, before I stopped him."NO! Not here, please Irons," liamodels I said as my body became numb. "Irons? Irons, I can't move."Again he cussed loudly, before he hefted me into his arms and sprang for the car. I could hear the pursuit of my shooters as they ran after Irons. He was however, quicker. He immediately got in the car just as two guys in dark suits young model 13y ran toward the car. I was wrapped securely in his lap as he started the car and revved the engine loudly. He held the car in place with his breaks before letting go and knocking the two men down with the end of the car. His face was stern with aggression, which I knew was his survival mode. I stared at him confusedly, which he noticed."Those were De Luna's," he answered my questioning gaze. "How they knew who you were, I don't know. But we need to get to a safe house before I can help your paralysis."I blinked twice to show that I understood and he smiled firmly."I can see that you're resourceful, Blondie," he said with a hard smile as he glanced in the rearview mirrors. "Fuck! They're right on our tail. . . . . I'm going to move you, Rory, but I can't put you in a seatbelt, so you must try and hold on, okay?"I blinked twice again and he nodded."Good, now hang on."As gently as he could he slid me into the passenger seat and fixed my legs onto the floor. The car however stayed fully on the road. Suddenly the car swiveled sideways and he rolled down the driver's window while he reached for dolly path models the red orb. With a quick toss he threw the red ball into the oncoming cars and completed a full spin with the car. The hyde model front faced the way we were going and he accelerated once again. I could see in the rearview window the huge explosion as the orb came in contact with one of the cars, taking out another. Nevertheless out of the wreckage two more cars emerged and gained our tail once again.I could feel the tension and anger radiate from Irons as he stepped on the gas pedal. He had run out of his solitary weapon and all he had was his poisons and concealment weapons. His secret orb was of no use during a high speed chase. His knife might be useful, but I doubted it, so we just had to lose them on this flat stretch of land. He seemed to be reading my mind as he spoke."We have to lose them," he said as he continually glanced at the cars behind us. "There's a safe house a few miles ahead, but we can't bring them there. We need to find a dirt road and go on foot."I blinked once in his direction, which made him chuckle, despite our situation."Don't worry, Blondie, I've done this before," he said as he swerved sharply to the right. "HANG ON!!"To what? I felt like screaming as my body went careening into the middle console. My head went flying between the seats and my body bent backwards towards the backseat. My spine screamed in agony as the road got bumpy and rough the further we drove. Eventually Irons found the time to lift me from my predicament nude models dfw and eased me back into my seat."I told you to hold on, Blondie," he bikini model dessous teased with an easy smile as we went further down the road.I tried my best angry look, which must have registered on my face, because he chuckled lightly."That's my boy," he said still smiling. "Damn and I just bought this Porsche. The High Majesty owes me a new set of wheels."I glared at nudist family models him. How can he be so cavalier when were being chased by assassins who wanted my blood?After a few hundred feet we must have reached the correct point, because he started to slow down and spin the car towards our captures. With a quick jerky twist he moved the car beneath the shade of a tree and turned it off. Our pursuers were still a mile away, but bridging the distance quickly. I watched as he swiftly grabbed me and hauled me from the car.His hand went immediately to his chest straps and he grabbed an orb I never saw before. It was translucent and almost invisible, which was probably why I didn't see it. He rapidly uncorked the balls contents and poured it all over his car. I stared in amazement as the liquid slowly began to spread like paint on sloped surface. The clear liquid diffused beautifully across the surface of the car, making it invisible the further it moved. He smiled excitedly at me as the car disappeared before my superchild model 16 eyes."Come on, Blondie," he said as he cradled me in his arms and began to run to a distant location.My head bobbed against his shoulder as he ran. My face was turned to look backward and I saw our pursuers catch up to us fast. But Irons still continued to run, not even losing his breathe or breaking pace. The cars, however, were much faster. One circled us and stopped our progression with a light cloud of dust. The other stopped behind us and revved its engine menacingly. Irons just stared at both of them with contempt and courage.Slowly both cars quieted and the driver and passenger got out."Irons!" one called from the driver side of the car in front of us. "What a pleasant surprise. Still doing the High Majesty's dirty work I see. . . . calcium element model What a beautiful specimen. The De Luna's will be pleased with his offering."Irons throat rumbled beneath my body as he stared angrily at the suit clad stranger."Just give us the boy and you can leave in peace to tell the High Majesty he can find another passion.""You lie like a coward, Octavio," Irons replied evenly, his eyes ablaze. "Tell the truth for once."The man merely shook his head and gestured the two behind us to approach. I saw them as they neared Irons. Reflexively my hand moved and my eyes bulged as I regained control of my right hand. Irons noticed this too, but he didn't comment. The two men behind us drew closer as Irons spoke."What does the De Luna's want with him?"The man smiled and wagged a finger at him."You are not privy to that kind of information little legion soldier," the man replied with a sneer as he took a clear gun from his breast pocket. "But you can be part of the legend. . . . A brave soldier who fought to the end."My finger scrubbed against Irons shirt as the men were getting extremely close. He nodded subtly, which I knew was the sign. Quickly I used what little control I had over my hand and reached for either the orange or yellow orb."Legend?" Irons asked as I attempted to get the essential orb."Yes," the man breathed with over exaggeration. "With that creature you hold in your arms, the De Luna's will become a legend for their discovery."Irons faced blanched in surprise."Creature?" he exclaimed in a quick breathe. "What do you mean?""Again with the questions," the man replied a little impatiently. "Just hand us the boy and you can go. I swear by the house ukrainian model girls in which we are both members of that no harm will come of you."Softly I tapped Irons chest and released the yellow orb. It hot model pictures rolled across my body and landed in his left hand just as the two men grabbed his shoulder. With a move so quick it practically didn't exist he twisted in their grasp and grabbed me in one arm, while slamming the orb into one of the men's chests.The ball of yellow glass erupted in a billowy tendril that seemed to find its way to the two men's mouths, ears, and nose. Their eyes immediately clouded over and their lips began to foam with poison.I tried to look away from the madness but I couldn't. My body was trapped in its paralyzing state and I couldn't look away. I watched as they died in short sporadic jerks and the life drained from their body in disgusting liquids.Quickly Irons readjusted me back to both his arms and turned to face Octavio. The man's jaw was cocked and he stared at us in fury. But that wasn't what I was looking at. No. What I was looking at was the clear gun he had pointed at me, which held a clear liquid bullet of no source I knew. He smiled cruelly at me, before he signaled the other man to start the car. I watched as the man moved from Octavio's side and got in the car. The car purred to life and revved readily as Octavio once again spoke."Release the boy, Irons. I tire of these games and with to end this. Any false move and he dies."Irons tensed as he held me. Octavio noticed and smiled evilly."Ahh," he breathed. "And we get to the crux of the matter. . . . You're falling for the boy."He laughed darkly as Irons kept his hold on me."Oh don't be ashamed. . . . It's hard to resist his species especially when there as lovely as they are.Certainly I wouldn't expect less out of you. . . . . But you really wouldn't risk your life over a piece of ass, would you?" Irons didn't answer. " . . . . . So just hand him over and leave freely."It seemed like a decade of moments passed before Irons made a move. Very slowly he pulled me away from his chest, inviting Octavio to take me from his arms. My head lolled towards him and I stared at him in desperation. What was he doing? All of a sudden I sensed the movement of his muscles and felt the jolt of being airborne. The wind whistled past my ears as he threw me skyward.I flipped in the air, suspended for a christina model links brief moment as I got a glimpse of what was going on below me.Irons had grabbed the black orb, just as he ducked from the gun fire from Octavio's hand. I heard it crack like lightening, kiki teen model but that was it. There was no scream or yell from Irons. However, all angels must fall from heaven and I did. I fell just in time to be engulfed by the black cloud of concealment Irons had released from the orb. It spiraled upward in a pillar of feathery diffusion and hid us from Octavio's deadly hand.I heard him cuss as Irons caught me and whisked me away into the depths of the dark cloud. Once it reached its apex the cloud dispersed horizontally and radiated a couple hundred feet, creating the perfect christina model movies cover for a good twenty minutes. Irons kept his hold on me as we continued to run to the safe house. And I couldn't have felt much safer. ~*~I shook fragilely as Irons ran down a dark stone corridor. My body felt out of my control and cold sweat began to spread across my forehead and neck. I wasn't quite sure, but I could feel the leakage of blood from my nose and lips. He would glance frantically at me upon occasion as he held the flashlight in his mouth. The bright ray would wash over my scared face and would make him run even faster. I knew I was being jostled by his movements, but I didn't feel any of it. Instead I just felt fear and suffocation."Were almost there, Rory," he whispered urgently as he came to a halt. "Which one? Come on, think. . .. . Fuck."He veered to the left and continued to sprint down the echoic hall. I watched as his neck muscles strained with the effort, but still he persisted. His biceps were wide and bulging beneath his torn shirt, where he caught himself coming down. His short dark hair hung in sweaty tendrils across his smooth forehead, above his surprisingly fierce silver eyes. Suddenly I coughed and felt a warm splatter of liquid run down my chin. He gaped at me in horror and growled wordlessly as he burst through a thick metal door.We had all along been near the safe house, when we had hidden the car. The only problem was Octavio and his men. We had to give them the slip, before we disappeared beneath their feet. Once the concealment cloud had covered us, Irons revealed the hidden trap door near the tree we had stopped at. He quickly jumped through, cutting his arm on the edge of the door. I had heard the loud clang of the door slam shut and we were in complete darkness.Now we were in a bright emily teen model modern operation room. It had a small wall full of screens and a huge control panel at the bottom. Each screen model nude mpeg gave a view of an empty corridor, where they used night 1957 chevy model vision to watch any incoming visitors. Irons moved to the door we had just come through and rapidly entered in a set of numbers, before the door slammed shut and loudly locked. The code seemed to work for other things too, because as soon as he entered it the corridors on the screens lit up and a wall of to our left opened onto a room fully furnished.I stared curiously at it, but Irons didn't go towards it. Instead he carried me to a medical table at the other side of the operation room. Beside the table sat an array of colored ls models tpg orbs locked into a thick clear case. Irons waved his dog tags across the scanner placed at the lip of the box and waited for the box to open. With a loud hiss the box opened releasing a clear spray of condensed air, which blew over sandrateenmodel child my teen model agenecy cold face.I whimpered as I felt another shiver rock my body and more blood leaked from my nose. He spun to face me and gently grabbed my head and tilted it back. My eyes started to blur and his handsome features morphed into a contorted blob of colors."Hang on, Rory," he whispered with a strained voice. "Just hold on for me, okay?"I tried to reassure his fears, but slowly I started to drift into unconsciousness. I could hear him grabbing random glass orbs as their containers clinked softly. It seemed like eons before he finally placed something to my lips and made me drink it. I sipped it freely, but tried to regurgitate it. It tasted awful."Shhh, Shh," he soothed softly. "It will help you. Just drink it."I listened and drank the whole orb. I could already feel the effect on my brain and my limbs. I sighed gently, which made him chuckle harshly. I felt his hand grab mine as the effects of mexican supermodels the orb spiraled throughout my body. Gradually I began to drift off and could feel my eyelids droop. I tried to keep them open, to see him, but he insisted I slept."Sleep, it's okay." ~*~My hands, I thought errantly as I clenched and unclenched my fingers. They cracked loudly as I moved them across a soft satin surface. Groggily I opened my eyes and tried to sit up, but immediately experienced vertigo. So I just laid back down and curled up on my side. I realized I was in the other room, when I saw the dark tapestry that hung from the four poster bed. The bed I laid on was huge and had many pillows and silk blankets. I marveled at the fine fabric and stretched my legs freely.Where's Irons? I thought absently as I scooted up on the sheer pillows.Then I heard the shower running in a connecting bathroom and I supermodel sex sighed in relief. I felt safer knowing where he was at, especially in this big empty maze. Once satisfied knowing where my captor was I started to test my ligaments. I moved my wrists and ankles feeling a new buoyancy to my joints. Gently I hoisted myself up and leaned against the headboard. My head immediately began to clear and my vision was better than ever.I wiped beneath my nose to check for blood, but there was none. Either I had hallucinated the blood or Irons had wiped it away for me; I suspected the latter. Hesitantly I moved from the soft bed and slid to the cold stone floor, which made me gasp in shock. I cracked my toes and pulled what little shorts I had left down over my ass. I hugged my chest in hunger and started to explore the small room.The walls were wall papered with black and maroon strips halfway across each wall, but the rest of the walls were lined with wooden planks. I brushed my fingers along the walls as I stared at different paintings depicting scenery. I guess the people who made this place wanted the residents to feel like they weren't trapped beneath the ground. Each picture was a large painting of sunny hillsides, vast oceans, and endless fields, but none of them had any people in it. Softly I shivered.Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open and spun around quickly. I froze. He was so beautiful and magnificent as he slowly wrapped the yellow towel around his waist, barely revealing the meaty shaft I just got a glimpse of. His abdomen was lean and had hard planes of muscles running up to his thin pecs.He was lean but powerful as his broad shoulders move with his body. A dark trail ran from his flat naval to the hem of his ethnic nude models towel and disappeared to the muscle I saw between his legs.His grey eyes had a tint of blue to it as he stared at me with a crooked grin. I smiled back impishly as he reached for his head and rubbed his wet hair. He looked handsome as he began to rub his neck with chagrin. His bicep looked wider and sinewy with muscle as he flexed his arm. There seemed to be no ounce of fat on his body, which was something to admire."I can see that you feel better already," he said as his Adam's apple quivered with each word.I gulped as I moved my gaze across his curved throat to his full lips and chiseled jaw."Umm, yes," I said as I felt suddenly conscious of my bare legs.I pulled at the frayed hem of my short shorts and tried to cover up my bare skin. He noticed and pointed to my hurt leg."Do you mind if I check your wound?" he asked as he approached me.I merely nodded and let him lead me back to the bed. His hand found mine and he helped me onto the soft mattress. I scooted back a little and waited for him to sit next to me. He leapt onto the bed and grabbed my leg, placing it between his towel covered thighs. My leg curved outward, my knee pointing to the wall as he slowly unbound my latest cut. I hissed as the cold air met the wound, making him look at me with compassion."Did I hurt you?""No. . . . Just the cold air."He smiled warmly and pulled my leg around his waist. My other leg was already behind his back and my inner thighs 3d teen models were lightly touching his waist. I rested my hands behind me as he revealed the cut. It looked so much healthier almost completely healed, with just the tiniest hint of blood. It looked like a long paper cut, no longer a thin gash showing tissue and muscle. Gently he ran his finger over my thigh, making me shiver."It healed perfectly," he said as he looked up at me.His hand continued to glide over my thigh, despite the girl models 14 obvious completeness. His grey eyes were warm and liquidity rimmed with light blue fire. Subtly I scooted closer into his side and rested a hand on his towel covered thigh."I heal fast," I breathed, making him smell my sweet breath.His eyes blazed with blue flames, but young teem models his silver irises kept him in control."Some say I'm an excellent healer," he countered as his hand moved farther up my thigh. "Do you contest?"Delicately I shook my head and stared at model brooke staricha him beneath my lashes."Quite the contrary actually," I replied softly biting my lip, which made him flinch in hunger. "I wanted to thank you. . . . . For saving my life."He smiled playfully and placed his hand beneath my tattered shirt."It was worth it," he teased, which made me smile. "Besides I don't know what I would do if I had lost you to Octavio."His silver eyes blazed as he said this and all the playfulness evaporated. Lightly I moved my hand from his thigh and placed it on the side of his elegant cheekbones."I don't know either," I replied tenderly as I reached for his lips with mine.Softly they touched his and I felt my pulse race in response."We shouldn't be doing this," he said as his lips whispered against mine. "The High Majesty wou--"But he didn't get to finish his sentence before my legs wrapped tightly around his lean waist and his towel slipped away from his groin. He groaned dimly but swiftly placed me on his lap and kissed me back fiercely. His lips were like electric pulses to my heart, making me gasp with each breath. His tongue entered my mouth and fought valiantly with my tongue, both enjoying the taste of the other. Our breathes hitched and I began to grow dizzy from the lack of oxygen.Abruptly he pulled away and reached for my shorts. With one rough tug I felt the sheer fabric leave my body and fall to the floor. In the next moment my shirt was also ripped from my chest and flung to the floor, where it was forgotten. Gently he laid me on the mattress and ran his hand along my back, enjoying the smooth texture. As his hand moved across my back his lips kissed me delicately, each one making my skin burn with passionate heat.Once his hand found my ass he stopped and softly kneaded it with his hands. I groaned at the sensitive touch and waited as his kisses trailed from the small of my back to the mounds of my ass. Tenderly he kissed each one, only lightly biting them with his teeth. I gasped at this new sensation and slipped my legs apart. However it wasn't far enough. Kindly he pushed them farther apart and lifted my butt up to his eye level.I waited for his fingers to enter me, but instead felt a warm laceration across my pucker. model toplist topless I gasped and shook frantically as my asshole twitched in excitement. What was that? I turned around and saw him grinning widely at my reaction. Then again he buried his face in my ass, connecting his long